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Ladyboy Moo Head

The stall no longer seems to exist, but fear not because if you head north to Thanin Market (around 10 metres by tuk tuk), you can eat the best sai oua in Chiang Mai. When you enter the market, head to the west side and look for the unnamed stall that solely sells grilled sai oua, you can't miss it.

ladyboy moo head

En route, he and his guide head to Ban Leam train station, a sleepy transit hub south west of Bangkok, to wait for a locomotive to Maeklong that, his fellow passengers inform him, is invariably late.

If she wants to see sleaze, Nana Plaza / Soi Cowboy are racier, cheaper and less touristy than Pat Pong. The Thermae for late-night drinking surrounded by desperate hookers, rent boys, ladyboys and clients is great fun. 041b061a72


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