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The Last Samurai Soundtrack (Special Edition By Hans Zimmer).rar

Allright Chief!!Well i've asked one russian guy & gave him full your list and that what he replied me, i'm sure you already knew & saw it: Restlessgypsy (Guy From Joserael's blog i think)Tracklist:CD1----01. Somalia 1993 / Hunger Is The Weapon02. Leaving / Ambush03. Barra Barra (performed By Rachid Taha)04. October 3Rd / Pray05. Preparing To Go To Bakara06. Bakara07. Missing / Synchrotone08. Synchrotone (Alternate)09. Militia Is Coming10. Super 61 Down11. Mogadishu Blues12. We Got A Black Hawk Down13. Ashes To Ashes14. He's Dead / Cover Fire15. Night Battle / Cavalry16. Truck Battle Over The Streets Of MogadishuCD2----01. Leave No Man Behind02. Wounded / Holding On03. Of The Earth04. Vale Of Plenty05. Chalk Four Advances06. Still07. Chant08. The Rescue09. Cover Fire10. The Convoy Arrives / Rolling Out11. Gortoz A Ran / J'attends12. Tribal War13. Nobody Asks To Be A Hero14. Still Reprise15. End CreditsCD3----01. The Weapon / Hunger (featuring Josh Hartnett)02. After the Crash (composed by Ilan Eshkeri)03. Holy War (composed by Heitor Peirera)04. Arrestment (composed by Heitor Peirera)05. Black Hawk Down Live Demos06. Mogadishu Montage07. Score Montage I08. Score Montage II09. Score Montage III10. Trailer Music (performed by Moby)11. Live Demo=================Total Play Time: 03:12:25 BLACK HAWK DOWN-Recording SessionsDisc 1 =PXNO01ULDisc 2 =TS2I646TDisc 3 =ES5Y2MOM unknown for me: __Alternate_Tracks__-_Steve_Jablonsky.rarAlso one guy have uploaded this version: -88/blog/hans-zimmer-hannibal-expanded-score-bootleg-releaseIf you need i will ask to re-up...It was in the past year...Sorry if it was useless waste of time...Anyway i'm still looking the answers from the others russian guys!! I'll try to find more of your list!!! Anything...Take Care,So beautiful & great place you've made...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Last Samurai Soundtrack (Special Edition by Hans Zimmer).rar


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