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Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf

Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf: A Beautiful and Versatile Font for Myanmar Language

If you are looking for a font that can display Myanmar script with elegance and clarity, you might want to check out Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf. This font is a free and high-quality font that was designed by Muthu Nedumaran, a pioneer of digital typography for Indic scripts. Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf supports the Unicode standard for Myanmar script, which covers the languages of Burmese, Mon, Shan, Karen, and others. It also includes glyphs for Latin, Devanagari, Tamil, and other scripts that are used in Myanmar.

Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf is a versatile font that can be used for various purposes, such as web design, print media, education, and communication. It has a modern and elegant style that reflects the rich culture and history of Myanmar. It also has a high legibility and readability that makes it suitable for both large and small text sizes. The font has a balanced weight and contrast, as well as smooth curves and strokes that create a harmonious and pleasing appearance. The font also features ligatures, diacritics, conjuncts, and other typographic features that are essential for rendering Myanmar script correctly and beautifully.


Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf is compatible with most operating systems and applications that support Unicode fonts. It is also part of the iOS 10 software package, so it is available for iPhone and iPad users. You can download Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf from [this link] or [this link] for free. You can also preview the font online using [this tool]. To install the font on your computer or device, follow the instructions on [this page].

Myanmar Sangam MN.ttf is a font that you will love to use for your Myanmar language needs. It is a font that combines beauty, versatility, and quality in one package. It is a font that celebrates the diversity and richness of Myanmar script and language. Try it out today and see for yourself!


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