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I would like second, third and fourth opinions on this file. I believe it meets all the NFCC content criteria as set out below, but the article is up for deletion and I have encountered a lot of resistance, particularly from User:Masem, who cites many rules which do not exist, such as a 30-second max length and a video being considered the equivalent of many hundreds of screenshots and non-free images being "freer" than non-free video. I believe the video is both appropriate, acceptable and vital in its usage and have laid out justification for such below. Other arguments against is that a screenshot can suffice, I do not see how replacing one non-free content with another makes sense, nor do I believe that something like File:Batman - Arkham City combat screenshot.JPG or File:Batman - Arkham City screenshot.JPG demonstrates anything remotely comparable. They could be cutscenes, and it takes two of them to accomplish what the video does and more, and IMO the images don't do that well and this is something I see across many game articles. The video has a central focus in the combat, which has been emulated due to its success, but it demonstrates about 6-7 other elements of gameplay simultaneously, it kills a handful of birds with one stone and I do not understand the resistance to it. I would appreciate input using citable existing guidelines and policies please.

free full length sex vids


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