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another option is to install a router with one of the newer firmware versions that includes the feature to block certain websites. of course a router that has this feature will also block your torrent programs. nowadays there are also a few routers that come with firewalls. if you have a broadband router, you can either install a software program for it or if it is a router with web interface you can easily configure it yourself. for the former, you might need to be able to operate on your pc and can require a few extra downloads for it. in the latter case, usually the interface is a web based one that has many useful features and you will be able to configure it to block specific websites or ip addresses and even block certain times of day. you can also block specific websites that you dont like using a proxy which will redirect a user to a web page that you can set. this is useful if you want to block a specific site for a whole period of time. to be able to use the web based router, you will need a web browser.

Netcut.exe Download Pc

one of the simplest ways to block certain torrents or websites is using a third party software. there are several companies that offer this service, but one of the popular ones is no-ip. no-ip is a free service that offers you the ability to block specific websites and even block torrents, but will also redirect you to a different website instead. for example, if you want to download a movie, you could set it to redirect you to a streaming service that has the movie on it and you can even block certain times of the day. this is a very effective way to block torrents, as you will be sent to a website that cant be blocked by a router or software and will not leave any trace of your activity. the only way to know that you visited a website that is blocked by no-ip is if you know the website that you were directed to. for example, if you use an ftp site, you will know that you have used the site because when you use the site, it will show you the location of the site that you are currently connected to.


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